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[Batman: Cacophony]- (Kevin Smith, Walt Flanagan)
February 7, 2011, 9:46 pm
Filed under: 7 stars, Kevin Smith, Walt Flanagan

“Cacophony” features two major super villains in the shape of the Joker and the mysterious and Onomatopoeia.  Both of them are after Batman’s blood but it is a mystery if they are they working together or is it merely a coincidence.  Batman’s agenda is to capture these two miscreants and stamp out Gotham’s new designer drug “Chuckles”  whilst trying to stay alive.

I don’t normally read superhero books but I do have a certain soft spot for Batman though mainly due to the movies rather than the comic books.  I picked up this book as an impulse buy without reading any reviews (If I had read the reviews I probably wouldn’t have bought it) and it is the first Batman book I have read in many years.   From the point of view of someone who doesn’t read Batman but listens to Kevin Smith podcasts regularly, I actually found this to be an enjoyable and engaging read.  I thought that the story was interesting and the “Joker” was well done (suitably psychotic) and I was impressed by the new super villain “Onomatopoeia”. The dialog was a little corny at times and there were some inexcusable spelling mistakes in the text but It didn’t distract from the plot.

Many of the reviews I have read on Cacophony really slate Walt Flanagan’s artwork but I actually enjoyed it.  The joker looks a little strange at times and Batman doesn’t look like I think he should without the mask  but the action is well done.  The book uses a good color pallete and crisp clean art to good affect.  It was a combination of the art and Kevin Smith’s name that made my impulse buy. Overall I thought it was a good super hero type adventure. and I will be buying the next TPB in the series.

Perhaps this is a just a book that appeals to people who dont read Batman,  or superheroes in general, but I thought it was worth a read. [ISBN-13:978-1401224196] . 7/10