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Jonah Hex – Counting Corpses (Jimmy Palmiotti,‎ Justin Gray,‎ Paul Gulacy,‎ Darwyn Cooke,‎ Billy Tucci,‎ Jordi Bernet,‎ Dick Giordano)

Counting Corpses’ compiles Jonah Hex issues 43 (July 2009), and 50 – 54 (February 2010 -June 2010). (the intervening issues 44 – 49 constituted the `Six Gun War’ miniseries). It contains The Hide House Massacre, The Great Silence, Divining Rod, Too Mean to Die, Shooting Stars and You’ll Never Dance Again.

Some solid stories with great artwork that kept your attention.  I didn’t really enjoy the “Hide House Massacre” in the beginning but it turned out ok.  The pages of pictures without text didn’t really work for me. Recommended for fans of the series and a good read for everyone else.  7/10.

[Time Bomb] – (Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Paul Gulacy)
August 24, 2011, 11:38 pm
Filed under: 8 Stars, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Paul Gulacy

Many radical books read like movie adaptations and “Time Bomb” is no exception.  As I read it I could really imagine this book being up there on the silver screen.  The book has an interesting plot about a Nazi super weapon being uncovered in present day (or perhaps near future) Berlin. When activated the weapon starts to wipe out the entire human race and humanities last hope is a team of special agents who are sent back in time to WW2 Germany  to prevent the catastrophe.

The book was well paced and easy to read with just enough twists, turns and betrayals to hold my attention.  The artwork was excellent throughout and it captured Hitler’s Germany and the advanced Nazi tech really well.  Gulacy’s artwork has a pleasing comic book style, unlike some of the photo realistic stuff you sometimes find in Radical publications, and the book was better for it.  Special mention must also go to the color pallette which suited the story well and added a lot of atmosphere.

“Time Bomb” is a well drawn Radical action book with a great central idea and at 168 glossy pages it represents great value for money. If you enjoy Radical’s movie like stories and presentation you should also enjoy this book. [ISBN-13: 978-1935417408]. 8/10

[Jonah Hex : Guns of Vengeance] – (Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Luke Ross, Dylan Teague, Val Semieks, Tony Dezuniga, Phil Noto, David Michael Beck, Paul Gulacy)

“Guns of Vegeneance” collects issues #7 to #12 of the ongoing DC Jonah hex Western series. All the stories are written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin gray.

  • “One wedding and fifty funerals”  illustrated by Luke Ross.
  • “Never turn a blind eye” illustrated by Dylan Teague and Val Semieks.
  • “Getting un-haunted” illustrated by Tony Dezuniga.
  • “Gator bait” illustrated by Phil Noto.
  • “The Hanging Tree” illustrated by David Michael Beck.
  • “Bloodstained Snow” illustrated by Paul Gulacy.

This second collected edition of the disfigured bounty hunter Jonah Hex continues on with the high standards set in the first volume.  If you liked the first book or you like westerns  you will like this one.  I really enjoyed every story with the exception of “Getting un-haunted” which in my opinion was overly complex and quite hard to follow. It was still a good story with a satisfying ending but a bit more Twilight Zone than classic western.

The art in “Jonah Hex” is a real treat for the eyes and absolutely spot on for the Western genre. The art is of a very high standard throughout with Tony Dezuniga and Phil Noto being the weakest links. This is not to say that their work was poor it is just that their styles appealed to me less.  I am not a huge fan of  Tony DeZuniga’s scratch art style and I am not sure if that had some bearing in “Getting un-haunted” being my least favorite story in the book. Special mention should go to Val Semieks, who’s art style I really enjoyed, and Paul Gulacy for his incredibly detailed renditions.

Jonah Hex volume 2 has some fantastic art, great western stories and is printed on good quality paper. I can really reccomend it to fans of the western genre. [ISBN-13: 978-1401212490]. 8/10