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[Shrapnel: Aristeia Rising Volume 1] – (M. Zachary Sherman, Mark Long, Nick Sagan, Bagus Hutomo)
August 14, 2010, 11:26 pm
Filed under: 5 stars, Bagus Hutomo, M. Zachary Sherman, Mark Long, Nick Sagan

Shrapnel is set on the planet Venus in the year 2250.  The Solar Alliance of planets have decided they wish to take over Venus and figure out the planets militia will be no match for their space marines. They didn’t count on one of the Marines ex top commanders who is hiding out on the planet taking control of the army and fighting back.  This book was a huge disappointment for me.  The idea for the story sounded good and the cover art was very eye catching but the execution left me cold. The artwork inside is very dark and very muddy. It is almost impossible to figure out what is happening in the lengthy battle scenes and the speech bubbles don’t help much. The artwork in this book gave me a headache. The art looks pretty but surely the point of a graphic novel is to tell the story in both words and pictures and for me it really didn’t work at all.  The story itself was average. [ISBN-13: 978-1935417019]. 5/10