One Mad Dog

[Hack/Slash Omnibus, Vol.1] – (Tim Seeley, Stefano Caselli, Federica Manfredi, Aadi Salman, Dave Crosland, Skottie Young, Sean Dove, Mike Norton, Mark Englert, Nate Bellegarde, Andy Kuhn,Joe Largent, Josh Medors, Mike O’Sullivan, Matt Merhoff)

Hack/Slash is a book based on slasher movies where Cassie Hack and her giant assistant Vlad go round destroying slashers. The book is written by Tim Seeley and features many different artists which means that there is a huge variety in styles between the stories. Omnibus 1 contains the following stories:

  • “Euthanized” with art by Stefano Caselli.
  • “Girls gone Wild” with art by Federica Manfredi.
  • “Comic Book Carnage” with art by Federica Manfredi.
  • “Hack/Slash Evil Ernie” with art by Aadi Salman.
  • “Land of Lost Toys”  with art by Dave Crosland.
  • “Slice Hard” with art by Tim Seeley, Mark Englert, Nate Bellegarde, Andy Kuhn and Joe Largent .
  • “Slashing Through the Snow” a poem with art by Mike O’Sullivan.
  • “Hack/Slash vs Chucky” with art by Matt Merhoff.
Hack/Slash Trailers:
  • “Blood and Nuts”  with art by Skottie Young.
  • “Renegade Knife: Itai!” with art by Sean Dove.
  • “Tub Club” with art by Tim Seeley.
  • “Orbituary” with art by Mike Norton.
  • “Dead Celebrities” with art by Stefano Caselli.
  • “Once Bitten” with art by Josh Medors.

I bought this book based on good reviews rather than the content.  I grew out of slasher movies after the first Chucky and Nightmare on Elm Steet. The only recent ones I have watched was the Jeepers Creepers series and that was quite a while ago. I think this is why the book didn’t really  impress me very much.  Its not a bad book by any means and the main characters are likable but ultimately it is not a series I would buy any more books in.

My favorite stories were “Girls Gone Wild”, “Slice hard” and “Hack/Slash vs Chucky” and all three of these were fun reads. The only story I didn’t really enjoy was “Hack/Slash Evil Ernie” where the art, layout and lettering all got in the way of the story for me.

The art in Omnibus 1 is a bit of a mixed bag but I enjoyed the artwork of Stefano Caselli, Federica Manfredi, Skottie Young, Mike Norton and Matt Merhof.  The only artists work that really wasn’t to my taste was  Aadi Salman that I didn’t like at all. The artwork in “Land of Lost Toys” was also a bit inconsistent but overall pleasing to the eye. “Slice Hard” was an unusual story in that there were very obvious artist changed between pages . It was almost as if the story switched from HD to SD at times.  I don’t know which artist did which page but I liked some more than others and i am not a fan of mixing artists in a story.

Hack/Slash Omnibus, Vol.1 has a huge selection of covers, pinup art and other extras that are well worth a look.  Overall the book is a good buy if you are a fan of “Slasher” Movies but even non fans of the genre should find something to enjoy. ISBN-13: 978-1607062738. 6/10