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[Batman: Cacophony]- (Kevin Smith, Walt Flanagan)
February 7, 2011, 9:46 pm
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“Cacophony” features two major super villains in the shape of the Joker and the mysterious and Onomatopoeia.  Both of them are after Batman’s blood but it is a mystery if they are they working together or is it merely a coincidence.  Batman’s agenda is to capture these two miscreants and stamp out Gotham’s new designer drug “Chuckles”  whilst trying to stay alive.

I don’t normally read superhero books but I do have a certain soft spot for Batman though mainly due to the movies rather than the comic books.  I picked up this book as an impulse buy without reading any reviews (If I had read the reviews I probably wouldn’t have bought it) and it is the first Batman book I have read in many years.   From the point of view of someone who doesn’t read Batman but listens to Kevin Smith podcasts regularly, I actually found this to be an enjoyable and engaging read.  I thought that the story was interesting and the “Joker” was well done (suitably psychotic) and I was impressed by the new super villain “Onomatopoeia”. The dialog was a little corny at times and there were some inexcusable spelling mistakes in the text but It didn’t distract from the plot.

Many of the reviews I have read on Cacophony really slate Walt Flanagan’s artwork but I actually enjoyed it.  The joker looks a little strange at times and Batman doesn’t look like I think he should without the mask  but the action is well done.  The book uses a good color pallete and crisp clean art to good affect.  It was a combination of the art and Kevin Smith’s name that made my impulse buy. Overall I thought it was a good super hero type adventure. and I will be buying the next TPB in the series.

Perhaps this is a just a book that appeals to people who dont read Batman,  or superheroes in general, but I thought it was worth a read. [ISBN-13:978-1401224196] . 7/10

[Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet HC Vol 01: Sins of the Father] – (Kevin Smith, Jonathon Lau)
October 26, 2010, 7:05 pm
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Green Hornet “Sins Of the Father” is based on an unused movie script penned by Kevin Smith for Miramax.  It tells the story of the Original Green Hornet and Kato and how after going into retirement the Green Hornet mantle is begrudgingly taken over by his son to avenge his father. It is an entertaining action romp with lots of fighting  and chase scenes and I enjoyed it. I don’t think it is as edgy as Kevin Smiths’s stint on Daredevil but I have a feeling future novels will throw in some surprises.  The artwork is great and the coloring a real pleasure to look at . This book was my introduction to the Green Hornet so I had no pre-conceived ideas of what to expect but I will definitely be checking out the next novel.  Special mention must go to the amazing Alex Ross covers in the bonus section.[ISBN-13: 978-1606901427]. 7/10

[Daredevil, Vol. 1 (Hardcover)] – (Kevin Smith, David Mack, Joe Quesada)
June 26, 2010, 12:07 am
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This deluxe hardcover contains Daredevil #1-11, and #13-15, the Guardian Devil (Smith/Quesada) and Parts of a Hole (Mack/Quesada) storylines.  This book is absolutely gorgeous to look at and the artwork jumps off the page in vibrant color.

I have never read any Daredevil before and it wasn’t what I expected.  DD seems is sort of a thinking mans super hero and the stories are pretty text heavy and at times a little ponderous. I think that Kevin Smith did a great Job but that the story dragged on a bit towards the end. It built up to an exciting climax then had a very lengthy epilogue that seemed a little unnecessary.  The David Mack story isn’t quite as shocking as the Kevin Smith Guardian Devil plot and the artwork is a little less impressive but it is still a good read and it keeps its momentum much better.  [ISBN-13: 978-0785124016]. 7/10

[Tales From The Clerks] – (Kevin Smith)
May 25, 2010, 2:57 am
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Collects the contents from the Clerks, Chasing Dogma and Bluntman & Chronic books together with one new story and a 15-page, never before reprinted story. I am a big fan of the Jay and Silent Bob movies and some of the same style of humor comes across here. A good book for Kevin Smith fans but nothing special.  [ISBN-13: 978-0936211787]. 5/10