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[Bomb Queen Omnibust Volume 1 – HC] – (Jimmie Robinson)
July 11, 2011, 8:58 pm
Filed under: 8 Stars, Jimmie Robinson

The deluxe, OVERSIZED hardcover collects Bomb Queen #1-4, Bomb Queen II #1-3, and Bomb Queen III #1-4 plus a boat load of extras. This isnt a book for everyone as it contains lots of nudity, violence, bad language, rape, Incest, torture and many other forms of disturbing moral deviency. You wouldnt want to read this book on a train full of church folk for example.

¬†The hero of the story “Bomb Queen” is a villain that runs a city fit for the dregs of society with every type of sordid crime perfectly acceptable inside her designated crime zones. She is aided by a strange cat, a stolen super computer and what is quite frankly one of the most ludicrously low cut costumes I have ever seen. There is little in the way of any realism in the portrayal of the female characters in this book and it in no way should it be taken seriously. The common plot theme running throughout the three volumes is the attempts of the shadow goverment to unseat Bomb Queen from her postion of power.

¬†Although the stories are very adult in nature there isnt really much depth or consequence so the whole experience feels pretty light hearted. I found it difficult to have a lot of empathy for Bomb Queen but as her supporting characters were even more loathsome you end up routing for her. Out of the 3 stories I enjoyed the second the most and this story really stood out for me. It managed to convey some vunerablility to the Queen which is in my opinion is a quality often lacking with superhero books. The third book was a little too “Superheroey” for me but it rounded off the collected edition nicely.

The artwork is really nicely done with great use of color to lighten the tone of the graphic violence. I really enjoyed the art and not just for the obvious reasons. If you take time to study the backgrounds there are some truly nasty things going on. The sort of things that make you say out loud “I cant believe they put that in a comic book”. The included extras were a welcome addition including some great art concepts and interesting insights into the mind of the creator. Omnibust is a nicely presented book that is a pleasure to look at and an easy read if you are not easily offended. 8/10. ISBN-13: 978-1607061304.