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One Mad Dog (And His Master) : Introduction
January 1, 2010, 10:05 am
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Welcome to my Graphic novels and collected editions mini review blog. Please use the Category links in the left column to navigate to your favorite author, artist or series or just browse through my mini reviews.  You can also click on the star rating to see which books I have particularly enjoyed.


in 2005 I started collecting graphic novels when some of my favorite “Starlord” and “2000AD” stories from my childhood became available in a collected form.  Since then it has become something of a passion and my collection seems to grow at an exponential rate.  Whenever I read a new book in my collection this blog is updated with a mini review and a not so scientific score.  The score is based upon how much I enjoyed the book and takes into account the story, artwork and presentation. If I think a book is worth less than a 5 I dont bother writing about it.

2017 Update : Sorry but the site has been on hold for a few years due to a medical issue I had which left me unable to read. I am now reading again although at a reduced rate.

Total Number of reviews : 218