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[Haunt] – (Robert Kirkman, Todd McFarlane, Ryan Ottley, Greg Capullo)
May 15, 2010, 4:08 pm
Filed under: 7 stars, Greg Capullo, Haunt, Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, Todd McFarlane

I am a Robert Kirkman fan and a  Todd McFarlane fan so I had to pick this book up. This TPB collects Collects Haunt issues #1-5 and it was only $9.99 (great value). The book has the look and feel of a cross between a top cow TPB like Witchblade or the Darkness and of course spawn.  Tod McFarlane’s artwork looks great printed on nice quality glossy paper stock and really jumps off the page. The rest of the art is nicely done too.

Haunt is based on two brothers that just don’t get along, one  is a less-than-perfect priest, the other is a government agent.   When the agent brother is killed he comes back to haunt  his brother to avenge his killing and protect his wife. The possession takes the form of a creature  pretty much like the Witchblade but with hints of spawn. The first collected edition does a good job of setting the plot and establishing the heroes and villains. The main plot is about a strange scientist trying to develop super soldiers, his missing notebook and the struggle to own that missing book. It flows nicely and has plenty of action although at times I had to turn back pages as the plot jumped around a bit and I though I had skipped a page. A good read.  [ISBN-13: 978-1607061540]. 7/10