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[Punisher MAX, Vol. 3 – HC] – (Garth Ennis, Leandro Fernandez, Goran Parlov)
April 6, 2010, 2:48 am
Filed under: 9 stars, Garth Ennis, Goran Parlov, Leandro Fernandez, Punisher
This deluxe hardcover collects Punisher MAX Vol. 5: The Slavers and Punisher MAX Vol. 6: Barracuda, plus extras.
The first story “the Slavers” is a superb story based on human trafficking and prostitution and Frank Castle trying to put things right. It is an often overused quote but I really could not put this book down once I started it. I ended up getting to bed an hour later than I should have. The whole tale is very realistically portrayed and there is a lot of truth behind the back story. Fantastic story and good artwork too.
Punisher Max Barracuda is a really good punisher story that turns up the gore and violence another notch. In this story Frank fights the evil that is corporate America rather than some drug lord, government or crime boss. Barracuda makes an excellent adversary for Frank and their battle is simply brutal. A well paced story line that has a very satisfying ending. Yet another punisher story that I struggled to put down once I started reading. (ISBN-13: 978-0785119814). 9/10

[Punisher Max, Vol. 5 – Hardcover] – (Garth Ennis, Howard Chaykin, Goran Parlov)
April 5, 2010, 1:05 am
Filed under: 9 stars, Garth Ennis, Goran Parlov, Howard Chaykin, Punisher

Two fantastic books make up this hardbound volume, “Long Cold Dark” and “Valley Forge”. In “Long Cold Dark” we see the return of the ultra violent killing machine  Barracuda and it’s a battle that the punisher barely comes out of alive. I found the artwork to be a little inconsistent in this story but things settled down as the story progressed. The story itself is fantastic.  “Valley Forge” is also an excellent Punisher story with an unusual amount of prose thrown in. The prose sections are good and thought provoking but they do tend to break up the action a little bit. The artwork in this collection is definitely less colorful than the earlier volumes and it resorts to classic comic style palettes (must have been costing too much to make). Great ending to Garth Ennis’s stint on the Punisher. [ISBN-13: 978-0785137825]. 9/10