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[War Stories, Vol 2.] – (Garth Ennis, David LLoyd, Cam Kennedy, Carlos Ezquerra, Gary Erskine)
May 26, 2010, 5:19 am
Filed under: 7 stars, Carlos Ezquerra, David Lloyd, Garth Ennis, Gary Erskine, Kam Kennedy
J for Jenny – (David Lloyd) – I am not a huge fan of David LLoyd’s artwork but it seems to fit this story well. This is an excellent war story that explores the horrors of WW2 bombing raids through the eyes of a British Lancaster crew. There is much conflict between the crew and just a bit of insanity. Satisfying read and pretty thought provoking.
The Reivers – (Cam Kennedy) – I am always partial to SAS stories so I enjoyed this desert tale. A good old light hearted yarn with great artwork, witty dialogue and well timed pacing. Cam Kennedy’s art style has a certain 2000AD look to it which isnt suprising. I enjoyed his work on Rogue trooper.
Condors War – (Carlos Ezquerra) – I didnt really enjoy this story at all. It was really just one long politcal rant. Carlos Ezquerra’s art was good though but the story left me cold.
Archangel – (Gary Erskine) – A really good story about a paranoid RAF pilot protecting a convoy from a catapult launched aircraft. Classic Garth Ennis without any of the usual swearing or violence. This is the best story in the book. The artwork is also top rate in this story. Gary Erskine has a huge talent for drawing WW2 air battles.
A great collection with some nice extras explaining the background of the stories. Typical Vertigo cheap paper [ISBN 1-4012-1039-2]. 7/10

[War Stories, Vol 1.] – (Garth Ennis, Chris Weston, Gary Erskine, Dave Gibbons, David Lloyd)
May 25, 2010, 2:00 am
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Johann’s Tiger (Chris Weston) – A gritty story about the commander of a tiger tank and the final chapter of his part in the war. This is a Well written short story with excellent artwork by Chris Weston and a satisfying conclusion. Chris Weston ranks as one of my favorite war artists.
D-Day Dodgers (Gary Erskine) – Based upon a true story whereby a prominent lady figure called the soldiers fighting on the Italian front “D day dodgers”. This story is very much in the style of the classic British Comic Book “Commando” whereby class distinctions and the inneptitude of the generals all take a front row seat in the narrative. Good story and good artwork too.
Screamin Eagles – (Dave Gibbons) – A somewhat strange story with a unusual premise but not a bad read. Artwork is good.
(Nightingale) – (David Lloyd) – A superb story about HMS Nightingale and her crew as they battled to protect convoys during WW2. This tale is fantastically crafted to really portray the horrors of war at sea in to make the reader really care for the plight of the characters. I am not usually a fan of David LLoyd’s artwork but it fits this story perfectly. His dark colours and drab pallet really help to bring home the drama. Best story in the book.
A great collection with some nice extras explaining the background of the stories. Typical Vertigo cheap paper. [ISBN-13: 978-1401203283]. 7/10

[The Filth] – (Grant Morrison,Chris Weston,Gary Erskine)
April 22, 2010, 3:36 pm
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I picked up this book because I was intrigued by the concept and very impressed by the art. This is definitely a Bizarre book that I struggled to follow. Some of the story arcs are fairly straightforward but generally speaking it is so surreal and at times confusing that it can be hard going. On the other hand the artwork is fantastic and there are glimmers of genius in some of the story. It certainly makes you think and probably needs a few reads to sink in. It contains some pretty adult themes, concepts and strong language. [ISBN-13: 978-1840237399]. 7/10.