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Jonah Hex – Counting Corpses (Jimmy Palmiotti,‎ Justin Gray,‎ Paul Gulacy,‎ Darwyn Cooke,‎ Billy Tucci,‎ Jordi Bernet,‎ Dick Giordano)

Counting Corpses’ compiles Jonah Hex issues 43 (July 2009), and 50 – 54 (February 2010 -June 2010). (the intervening issues 44 – 49 constituted the `Six Gun War’ miniseries). It contains The Hide House Massacre, The Great Silence, Divining Rod, Too Mean to Die, Shooting Stars and You’ll Never Dance Again.

Some solid stories with great artwork that kept your attention.  I didn’t really enjoy the “Hide House Massacre” in the beginning but it turned out ok.  The pages of pictures without text didn’t really work for me. Recommended for fans of the series and a good read for everyone else.  7/10.

[The Man With No Name Vol 2 – Holiday In The Sun] – (Luke Lieberman, Matt Wolpert, Diego Bernhard)
July 18, 2010, 9:03 pm
Filed under: 8 Stars, Diego Bernhard, Luke Lieberman, Man With no Name, Matt Wolpert

Luke Lieberman and Matt Wolpert have done a fantastic job with this second  “Man With No Name” graphic novel for Dynamite. They have really captured a Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western movie feel to “Holiday In The Sun” with  excellent pacing, dialog and action.  It is very faithful to the “Man With No Name” movies even though the characters drawings only hint at their real life counterparts.  The book has great art work by Diego Bernhard and it is printed on good quality glossy paper. There is not much in the way of extras but it is $5 cheaper than volume 1.  This is a great edition to the Graphic novel Western genre that seems to be having a bit of a renaissance  of late.  [ISBN-13: 978-1606901311]. 8/10