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[DC/Top Cow Crossovers] – (Various)
April 21, 2010, 6:25 am
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A collection of crossovers between the stars of DC and the stars of Top Cow.
#1: Darkness/ Batman was a must read for me as it filled in a few blanks the Darkness Omnibus I read recently. This is the first Batman I have read in about 20 years and I actually enjoyed it although it did feel to me as if they were throwing in characters just for the sake of it.
#2: Witchblade/JLA. Not a bad story but a little confusing and techy at the start. I am not a big fan of JLA and think the whole thing is a little pointless. A bit like using a 20,000 pound hydraulic press to crack a walnut.
#3: Darkness/ Superman. I really enjoyed this story of Ecstacado trying to become the mob lord of Metropolis. I am not a big superman fan but this was definitely one of the better crossovers. The pacing was good and it filled in some more blanks for me in the Darkness story. Art was pretty good too.
#4: JLA/ Cyberforce. I am not familiar with Cyberforce at all but found this story to be enjoyable if a little formulaic. Why is it in every story featuring superman they have to make him vulnerable in some way regardless of who his adversary is? Artwork was pretty good in this tale too. [ISBN 978-1401213381]. 6/10.

[Darkness Compendium, Volume 1 Hard Cover] – (Various)
April 21, 2010, 6:21 am
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This is a hefty monster of a book (1280 pages) that is almost too heavy to read comfortably in bed. The artwork is vibrant and although I don’t normally read this type of mainstream graphic novel I was intrigued enough by the Garth Ennis connection to give it a go. There are times when the story arcs can be a little bit confusing (story probably running in parallel with Witchblade) but it is generally an easy read. Some of the double page spreads can be physically hard to read especially if you are like me and don’t want to damage the books spine. I didn’t enjoy the “Tales of the Darkness” stories as much but the preview of volume 2 was right back on form. [ISBN-13: 978-1582408019]. 8/10