One Mad Dog

[Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 02] – (Pat Mills, John Wagner, Mike McMahon, Gary Leach, Brendon McCarthy, Dave Gibbons, Brett Ewins, Ron Smith, Brian Bolland,

Volume 2 collects the Judge Dredd appearances in 2000AD from prog 61 through to Prog 115 but unfortunately with several progs missing due to copyright infringements. Missing from this collection are progs 71-72 and 77-78. This book contains two epic story arcs in the form of “The Cursed Earth” (Progs 61 to 85) and “The Day the Law Died” (Progs 89–108 and prologues in 86–88) which are themselves linked together. It also collects “Punks Rule !” (Prog 110), “The EXO-MEN” (Progs 111 – 112), and “The DNA Man” (Progs 113-115)


  • Pat Mills (“The Cursed Earth” – Progs 61-70, 73-76, 81-85)
  • John Wagner (“The Cursed Earth” – Progs 79 and 80), (“The Day the Law Died” – Progs 86 – 108), (“Punks Rule” – Prog 109), (“The EXO-MEN” Progs 111, 112), (“The DNA Man” – Progs 113 – 115)


  • Mike McMahon  (The Cursed Earth – Progs 61-64, 66-68,73-76, 79 -80,83-85), (“The Day the Law Died” Progs 89-91, 96 -97, 99, 100)
  • Brian Bolland (“The Cursed Earth”  – Progs 65,69,70, 81,82), (“The Day the Law Died” – Progs 86-87, 94-95, 98,  101 – 102,  (“Punks Rule” – Prog 110)
  • Ron Smith (“The EXO-MEN” – Progs 111,112), (“The Day the Law Died” Progs 104 , 106, 107, 108)
  • Brett Ewins (“The DNA Man”  – Progs 113 -115), (“The Day the Law Died” Progs 88,92, 105)
  • Dave Gibbons (“The Day the Law Died” – Prog 87
  • Brend0n McCarthy (“The Day the Law Died” Progs 88, 105)
  • GaryLeach (“The Day the Law Died” Progs 94 -95, 103)

Both main story lines in this volume are classic Judge Dredd at his prime.  The story telling is witty and sharp and the epic arcs format read very well in collected form. The shorter stories in this book are also a really good read.

There isn’t any bad artwork in this collection but there are some distinct differences in style. Mike  McMahon’s art is quite rough and gritty at the start but seems to improve in it’s level of detail and clarity as the progs progress.  Bolland’s artwork is crisp and highly detailed and he is my favorite Dredd artist in this collection. It’s just a shame he didn’t get to draw more progs.  Ewins and Smith also do some really good artwork and they both approach Bolland’s  attention to detail.

Volume 2 of the Judge Dredd case files is a must read for Dredd fans. ISBN-13: 978-1906735999. 8/10.

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