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[Time Bomb] – (Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Paul Gulacy)
August 24, 2011, 11:38 pm
Filed under: 8 Stars, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Paul Gulacy

Many radical books read like movie adaptations and “Time Bomb” is no exception.  As I read it I could really imagine this book being up there on the silver screen.  The book has an interesting plot about a Nazi super weapon being uncovered in present day (or perhaps near future) Berlin. When activated the weapon starts to wipe out the entire human race and humanities last hope is a team of special agents who are sent back in time to WW2 Germany  to prevent the catastrophe.

The book was well paced and easy to read with just enough twists, turns and betrayals to hold my attention.  The artwork was excellent throughout and it captured Hitler’s Germany and the advanced Nazi tech really well.  Gulacy’s artwork has a pleasing comic book style, unlike some of the photo realistic stuff you sometimes find in Radical publications, and the book was better for it.  Special mention must also go to the color pallette which suited the story well and added a lot of atmosphere.

“Time Bomb” is a well drawn Radical action book with a great central idea and at 168 glossy pages it represents great value for money. If you enjoy Radical’s movie like stories and presentation you should also enjoy this book. [ISBN-13: 978-1935417408]. 8/10

[Jonah Hex – Luck Runs Out] – (Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, Russ Heath, Guiseppe Camuncoli, Jordi Bernet, John Higgins, Rafa Garres)

“Luck Runs Out” is the 5th Jonah Hex TPB  and it collects Jonah Hex #25 to #30. The book contains:

  • #25 “My Name is Nobody” with art by Russ Heath
  • #26 “Four Little Pigs : A Grindhouse Western” with art by Guiseppe Camuncoli
  • #27 “Starman” with art by Jordi Bernet.
  • #28 “Town Killer” with art by John Higgins
  • #29 “Return to Devils Paw” with art by “Rafa Garres”
  • #30 “Luck Runs Out” with art by Jordi Bernet

“Luck Runs Out” is a tremendous Jonah Hex collection. All 6 stories are of a really high standard and they are inventive too.   My favorite story in the collection is “Starman” which really captures the spirit of Jonah Hex and my least favorite was the “Return to Devils Paw”. Although “Return to Devils Paw” was a good tale that follows on from the excellent original story I found the artwork made it quite difficult to read. Special mention must go to the four little pigs story that crossed over into the grind-house horror genre to great effect (not for the squeamish).

This book cemented Jordi Bernet as my favorite Hex artist. I love his character drawings and his story telling is absolutely spot on. His early work was a bit simplistic but his artwork in this collected edition is really good and shows that he just keeps getting better and better.

Rafa Garres artwork is fantastic to look at but the layouts made it quite hard to follow and to tell what was going on. His art in the “Return To Devils Paw” was absolutely gorgeous to look at a bit of a challenge to read.

John Higgins and Russ Heaths artwork were good and were quite similar in style but Higgins artwork had a more realistic look to it.  Out of the two I would say that Heaths more comic style was more pleasing to my eye.

Guiseppe Camuncoli’s  Panel layouts and content seemed more suited to a Top Cow style glossy comic than the usual Hex fare but they certainly packed a visual punch. I really enjoyed the artwork in this story and it ranks up amongst the best in the Hex tales.

This is one of the best out of the first 4 TPB’s and a recommended buy for any Jonah Hex fans. ISBN-13: 978-1401219604. 8/10