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[52, Vol 2] – (Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid, Keith Giffen)
July 27, 2011, 11:36 pm
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When I first started reading volume 1 of DC’s “52” I was in a state of confusion. All the characters and names thrown at me were bewildering.  The more I read the more things started to fall into place and the more I began to enjoy the book. By the end of the first volume I couldn’t wait to start book 2. The strange thing is that in volume 2 I am just as bewildered by the characters and and I still find the stories and subplots a bit confusing.  I have to disclose that I do not read superhero books as a rule so I doubt that I am the target audience for book like this.

Just like Volume 1 the special bonus material after each chapter featuring creator comments and breakdown sketches was the highlight of the book for me. These sections really helped me to make some sense of what was going on.

The artwork is pretty good and consistent throughout which is a surprise considering the number of different artists. The art breakdowns of Keith Geffen seem to be the reason behind this consistency. The coloring makes the stories really standout and it fits the over the top superhero universe perfectly.

Artists (pencils):

  • Week 14 : Dale Eaglesham
  • Week 15 : Shawn Moll
  • Week 16 : Joe Bennet
  • Week 17 : Chris Batista
  • Week 18 : Eddy Barrows
  • Week 19 : Patrick Olliffe
  • Week 20 : Chris Batista
  • Week 21 : Joe Bennet
  • Week 22 : Eddy Barrows
  • Week 23 : Drew Jonson
  • Week 24 : Phil Jimenez
  • Week 25 : Joe Bennet, Dale Eaglesham, Phil Jimenez, Patrick Olliffe
  • Week 26 :  Patrick Olliffe

It is hard to recommend this book to non DC universe fans as the widely dispersed story requires some prior knowledge of the bewildering multitude of characters thrown at the reader. I must say that I still found it to be an enjoyable read despite not knowing what was going on for most of the book and having little empathy for the characters. ISBN-13: 978-1401213640. 6/10.

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