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[Kingdom: The Promised Land] – (Dan Abnett, Richard Elson)
July 12, 2011, 10:42 pm
Filed under: 2000AD, 9 stars, Dan Abnett, Richard Elson

This trade paper back contains two story arcs from the 2000AD comic book series Kingdom.

  • “Kingdom” originally published in 2000AD progs #1518 to #1525
  • “The Promised Land” originally published in 2000AD progs #1567 to #1576.

“Kingdom” is the story of  “Gene the Hackman” who is a lifeform derived from a genetically modified dog soldier. In an apocalyptic future world, Gene and his kind patrol the lands of Antarctica  trying to eliminate the “Them” who are a virulent species of evolved insects that have all but wiped out all other life on the planet.

“Kingdom” is full of action and bloody battles but it also has an interesting back story on the nature of the  demise of the masters (mankind) and hence civilization. The characters are developed nicely and the story has excellent pacing which reads very well in trade format. Richard Elson’s art is good and has a typical 2000AD feel to it. The art fits the story well although the color pallete is a bit dour.

“Promised Land”  follows Gene’s adventures after he crosses the land bridge and he finds a human colony known as the promised land.  This is an absolutely cracking story with really good art and a fantastic twist. Elson’s art and coloring is exponentially better than the first story and helps define this as a true 2000AD classic.

ISBN-13: 978-1907519871. 9/10

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