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[The Sword Complete Collected Deluxe Hardcover] – (Joshua Luna, Jonathan Luna)
May 9, 2011, 1:03 pm
Filed under: 9 stars, Jonathan Luna, Joshua Luna

This deluxe edition collects the complete run of The Sword in an oversized hardcover and slipcase format, and contains all covers, including rare versions from extra printings. Collects The Sword #1-24.

The sword is the story of a young woman who discovers a mysteriously powerful sword that allows her to seek revenge on the three elemental gods who brutally murdered her family. It is very difficult to reveal any more of the story without spoling it. The sword is a book that has to be read in order and where staying away from spoilers will enhance your enjoyment 100 fold.

This is a monster of a book and it is almost too big and heavy to read comfortably in bed which is a problem because once you pick it up you will not want to put it down. The story gradually reveals itself ike peeling layers from an onion but with many suprises and plot twists thrown in for good measure. The story doesnt have an over abundance of text so it isnt a very long read considering its size but this doesnt matter as the art is excellent.

The sword is a pretty gory book with people doing all sorts of nasty things to each other in glorious detail. The crisp clean art work and coloring is made even better by the large format and good quality glossy paper stock. The sword is an easy read that gave me much pleasure especially as I kept away from any type of spoiler. It is a monster of a book that I highly reccomend. ISBN-13: 978-1607062806. 9/10

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