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[Zombo: Can I Eat You Please?] – (Al Ewing, Henry Flint)
April 21, 2011, 4:44 pm
Filed under: 2000AD, 7 stars, Al Ewing, Henry Flint

“Zombo; Can I eat you please ?” is writen by Al Ewing and illustrated by Henry Flint. It collects :

  • “Zombo” originally published in 2000AD Progs #1632-1639
  • “Merry Christmas Mr. Zombo”  originally published in 2000AD Prog #2010
  • “Zombo’s Eleven” originally published in 2000AD Progs #1678-1684.

Zombo is a half human half zombie prototype developed by the government to fight off another weapon that they developed to fix the aggressive sentient planets problem. Zombo is a polite zombie hybrid who asks first before he eats someone.

Zombo is classic 2000AD in as much as it is has a warped and sick sense of humor that is nicely garnished with a satirical poke in the eye of authority.  There is violence a plenty, as you would expect in a Zombie comic, but it is much lighter hearted than something like “The Walking Dead. It also has a much more Sci-Fi setting than your average Hack/Slash Zombie comics.

“Zombo”  is a “Lost” style story involving a Spaceship crash landing on a planet where everything is out to kill the survivors. As if the planet itself was not bad enough, the few people that do stay alive end up encountering a “Deliverance” inspired bunch of hillbilly cannibals. “Twister” will never be the same again.

“Zombo’s Eleven” is a send up of modern talent shows, Disney and Youtube with a humungous dose of Zombie gore thrown in for good measure.  It is even less serious than the first story but just as over the top in the violence department.  The strange bunch of EMO suicide freaks that Zombo met in the Christmas one shot play center stage in this tale.

Henry Flints artwork suits the story well and is brimming with ridiculous amounts over the top gore and violence.  His art in the main strips is pretty good but his cover art, which is included in the Bonus material, is excellent. I especially enjoyed the cover of issue#1675. Henry also draws some inventive supporting cast in the shape of the Zombies, inbred cannibal hillbillies and the sentient planets themselves. I really like his art on Zombo himself and Zombee is pretty impressive too.  He doesn’t seem to lavish the same amount of detail on the human extras but the over all affect is still pleasing (or do I mean sickening ?) to the eye.

This should appeal to 2000AD fans and people who are fans of stuff like Chew or the Goon. [ISBN-13: 978-1906735968]. 7/10

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