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[Unknown Soldier Vol. 2: Easy Kill] – (Joshua Dysart, Alberto Ponticelli, Pat Masioni)
February 17, 2011, 8:35 am
Filed under: 8 Stars, Alberto Ponticelli, Joshua Dysart, Unknown Soldier

“Unknown Soldier – Easy Kill” collects “Unknown Soldier” #7 to #14 and contains a main story arc called “Easy Kill” and a one shot called “The way Home”. In “Easy Kill” , Moses is led to a militant cell by the dead beat CIA guy and drawn into a plot to kill a Hollywood actress making charity visits to the country. In “The Way Home” , Moses guides an escaped child soldier named Paul back to his home village where he encounters an unexpected reaction.

Just like the first Unknown Soldier volume, this collection is a hard hitting political thriller set against the unbelievably hostile backdrop of  Northern Uganda. The action is brutal and the atrocities and violations of human rights remain even more shocking because you know the book is based on real facts. In “Easy Kill” the books main character, Moses, continues on his own personal crusade against the evil and corrupt forces in his homeland whilst trying to control his own inner demon.  His crusade is complicated by the presence of his wife and ex fiancée especially when he is forced to try to prevent an assassination at a charity dinner in honor of his own death.  Moses begrudgingly teams up with rogue CIA agent in “Easy Kill” and the agents character is fleshed out considerably in this volume as he becomes a key part of the story.

I really enjoyed both arcs in this book and found them to be just as good and just as shocking as the first volume. “Easy Kill” does jump around a lot in time near the beginning which can make for a very confusing read. This may put some people off but if you persevere through this lack of continuity you are rewarded by an excellent action adventure.  There is also a great background article at the back of the book that gives a real timeline of the events in Uganda and its surrounding neighbors. This article really helps to hammer home the reality of the atrocities portrayed in unknown soldier.

I think that Ponticelli’s artwork stepped up a notch in the second volume and he seemed to put a lot more detail into the backdrops. I really enjoyed his art and this was in no doubt helped along by the excellent choice of color. The guest artist Pat Masioni illustrated the one shot “The way Home” and his artwork and style was remarkably similar to Ponticelli, so much so that I didn’t realize they had changed artists until I read the cover.

This book is strongly recommended especially if you enjoy action thrillers with strong political overtones based on real life events. [ISBN-13: 978-1401226008]. 8/10


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