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[Unknown Soldier Vol. 1: Haunted House] – (Joshua Dysart, Alberto Ponticelli)
February 13, 2011, 9:20 am
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Volume 1 collects “Unknown Soldier” issues #1 to#6. The book is set in Northern Uganda In 2002, although there are lots of flashbacks to other times and places. It tells the story of Moses Lwanga who is a Ugandan doctor that was trained in the USA but has returned home to help his people.  What he finds is a kind of hell on earth with evil corruption and child soldiers exacting terrible acts upon each other.  One day he is drawn into a fight with some rebels and a fighting machine is wakened inside him.  Our bandaged hero Moses then sets off on a one man crusade against the evils that poison his land.

Unknown soldier is a very violent and realistic book. It gives a true sense of the utter desperation people must feel for the state of these worn torn provinces in Africa. It reminded me very much of “Blood Diamond” in terms of the shock of what the rebels were doing to children but turned up a notch. I really enjoyed the book  and the author certainly doesn’t hold back on the facts.

The artwork is great to look at and certainly portrays the horror and action well. It also has a really good color pallete that conveys the backdrops of Uganda admirably. Ponticelli’s character drawings are quite simplistic and have his own unique style that seems to fit the subject matter very well. They sometimes reminded  me of the sort of figures that were prevalent on 10th century tapestries.

The book is printed on slightly better than average “Vertigo” paper stock and weighs in around 140 pages. Haunted House is a shocking book that has been written with much passion but it certainly wont appeal to everyone. [ISBN-13: 978-1401223113]. 8/10


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