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[Hitman Vol. 4: The Ace of Killers] – (Garth Ennis, John McCrea)
January 28, 2011, 9:28 pm
Filed under: 8 Stars, Garth Ennis, Hitman, John McCrea

This 4th trade in Garth Ennis’s “Hitman” series collects  issues #15 through #22 of Hitman. It sees a return to its demonic beginnings with Tommy Monaghann fighting a hit put on him by his old adversaries the Lords of the Gun. It also features a rather voluptuous Catwoman and the most insane group of superhero misfits ever “Section Eight”. This is a great story and my favorite book in the series so far. It is action packed and full of satire and comedic elements most of which are aimed at the regular superhero universe.  From the well written and well paced fight with the demon Mawzir to the funny hit on Santa Clause this was a book I found hard to put down.

The art is very much in the same style as the other books in the series and fits the story well. Either I am getting more used to McCrea ‘s art style or he is getting better as the series progresses. The paper stock is typical cheap comic book fare but the page count is healthy at close to 190 pages and as such it represents pretty good value.

If you liked the other Hitman books or Ennis’s run on “The Punisher” you should enjoy this book.  [ISBN-13: 978-1563896149]. 8/10

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