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[Fallen Angel Omnibus Vol.0] – (Peter David and David Lopez)
December 16, 2010, 5:16 pm
Filed under: 9 stars, David Lopez, Fallen Angel, Peter David

Volume Zero contains the complete DC Comics run of Fallen Angel, created by Peter David and David Lopez. It collects issues #1-20 of the series that ran from 2003 to when it was cancelled in May 2005 because of low sales. It is a mystery to me why this book achieved low sales but perhaps it was a little too dark and cerebral for DC’s audience.

Fallen Angel is a masterpiece of writing that slowly unveils its plots and mystery’s to the reader. Few things are explained directly and the story of the the main characters is dark and seldom straightforward.  I read a great comment on wiki that said that the characters in Fallen Angel are morally ambiguous and cant think of any better way of describing them. There is no clear cut line between good and evil and Liandra, the Fallen Angel’s  behavior is definitely not angelic.  Although several supporting characters have their backgrounds revealed, the main protagonists such as  the fallen Angel or the City itself  are still to be explained by the end of this run. You can tell that the author had bigger plans for the story than the 20 issues allowed.

Explaining the actual stories themselves in this review would be a travesty as the beauty of reading this book is trying to figure out what will happen next and where the main plot will lead to.  I found this book hard to put down when I started reading it and suffered some late nights as a result.

The art is excellent throughout and the characters are well drawn and not strangely proportioned like certain books I could mention. The backdrop of Bette Noire is impressively dark and believable and the art fits the story perfectly.

Fallen Angel Omnibus Zero is well worth reading thanks to its engrossing storyline and excellent artwork. It is very dark at times but it has some lighter moments such as the reveal about Benny’s true nature. [ISBN-13: 978-1600106743]. 9/10

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