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[The Walking Dead Volume 10: What We Become] – (Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard)
October 7, 2010, 11:39 pm
Filed under: 8 Stars, Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn, Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead

“What We Become” continues the story of the survivors journey up to Washington.  After one of the main characters does something stupid, the relationship between Rick and the leader of the group they joined (Abraham)  becomes very strained. Other members of the group also start drifting into their own particular types of madness which raises the underlying tension even more. On a bit of a side quest Rick,  Carl and Abraham encounter another unbelievably savage group of survivors and Rick has his first ever taste of a herd.  We also meet “Morgan” again but now he seems to have lost all his marbles.

Volume 10 is another book exploring the mental state of the survivors and the first part of the book is pretty strange. The  Zombies only really seem to exist as a Catalyst for the madness but they take center stage when the group encounters the herd.  Kirkman is very imaginative in  the horrific things he dreams up  for people to do to each other and Charlie Adlard puts these horrors into pictures that have a very realistic feel to them. The Walking Dead is a very addictive series and Volume 10 is no exception.  “What We Become” is a great action packed story that should keep any Walking Dead fan happy.  I noticed they shifted to a slightly cheaper paper stock for this Volume but it didnt change the impact of the artwork in a noticeable way.  [ISBN-13: 978-1607060758]. 8/10

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