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[Star Wars Omnibus : Boba Fett] – (John Wagner, Ian Gibson, John Nadeau, Cam Kennedy, Carlos Meglia, Ron Marz, Adrriano Melo, Thomas Andrews, Francisco Ruiz Velasco, Carlos Ezquerra, Andy mangels, John Ostrander)
September 23, 2010, 7:57 pm
Filed under: 7 stars, Cam Kennedy, Carlos Ezquerra, Ian Gibson, John Nadeau, John Wagner, Star Wars

This Omnibus collects the following:

  • “Boba Fett : Enemy of the Empire” with story by John Wagner and art by Ian Gibson and John Nadeau.  The artwork and writing in this story is excellent especially if you are a fan of 200oAD.  Some people may find Gibsons art to be a bit cartoonish but I really like it. 
  • “Underworld: The Yavin Vassilika” with story by Mike Kennedy and art by Carlos Meglia. A pretty good story with a whole host of familiar Star Wars  characters and nicely colored cartoony art.
  • “Empire #7:  Sacrifice”  with story by John Wagner and art by Cam Kennedy. A good short  story with good artwork too.
  • “Empire #28: Wreckage” with story by Ron Marz and art by Adriano Melo. A not bad  short story with pretty good artwork. Most of the story is very light on dialogue but the ending is well written.
  • “Boba Fett :  Overkill” with story by Thomas Andrews.  This is a well written and enjoyable story. The artwork is good but quite simplistic with almost Anime cartoon styled characters and backdrops.  This does tend to detract from the story a bit.
  • ” Boba Fett : Salvage” with story by John Wagner and art by Carlos Ezquerra. A good single shot story with excellent art by Carlos Ezquerra and great coloring by Cary Porter.
  • “Boba Fett : Twin Engines of Destruction” with story by Andy Mangels and art by John Nadeau. A pretty good story about a Bobba Fett Impersonator with average artwork that didnt really capture me.  
  • “Boba Fett : Death, Lies and Tradedgy” with story by John Wagner and art by Cam Kennedy. Another good Hutt based story but with horrible looking art. The art itself isnt that bad but the coloring is really nasty. It looks like a photocopy of a cheap newspaper strip. Definitely looks out of place in this book.
  • “Boba Fett : Agent of Doom” with story by John Ostrander and art by Kam Kennedy.  A good short story about Boba Fett trying to regain some respect with good artwork.

Although I am not a huge Star Wars fan I am a big fan of John Wagners writing and Ian Gibson’s and Carlos Ezquerra’s art work so I purchased this omnibus for their work. I wasnt dissapointed by any of their contributions and the rest of the book was good too. This Omnibus has a wide variety of artistic and writing styles but works well as a whole and it is a light and fun read. The only fly in the ointment for me was the presentation of “Death, Lies and Tradgedy” which really didnt match the quality of the rest of the book. [ISBN-13: 978-1595824189 ] 7/10


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