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[Tom Strong Book 2] – (Alan Moore, Alan Weiss, Chris Sprouse, Paul Chadwick, Gary Gianni, Al Gordon)
August 29, 2010, 7:01 pm
Filed under: 7 stars, Alan Weiss, Chris Sprouse, Gary Gianni, Paul Chadwick, Tom Strong

This second collected edition of Alan Moore’s Tom Strong stories is a compendium of short tales most of them drawn by Chris Sprouse and inked by  Al Gordon. My favorite art in the whole collection is penciled by Alan Weiss and it is stunning.  Contained in this Volume are:

  • “Riders of the Lost Mesa” with fantastic artwork by Alan Weiss.
  • “The Old Skool” with artwork by Chris Sprouse.
  • “Sparks” with artwork by Chris Sprouse.
  • “Terror Temple of Tayasal” with artwork by Paul Chadwick.
  • “Volcano Dreams”  with artwork by Chris Sprouse.
  • “Flip Atti Tude”  with artwork by Chris Sprouse.
  • “Phantom Auto Gyro” with Victorian style artwork by Gary Gianni.
  • “Funnyland” with artwork by Chris Sprouse.
  • “Too Many Teslas” with artwork by Chris Sprouse.
  • “Strange Reunion” with artwork by Chris Sprouse.
  • “Terror on Terra obscura”  with artwork by Chris Sprouse.
  • “The Tower at Times End” with artwork by Chris Sprouse, Kylr Baker, Russ Heath and Pete Poplaski.
  • “Space Family Strong” with unusual Hanna Barbera style artwork  by Chris Sprouse.
  • “The Lands of Hearts Desire”  with artwork by Chris Sprouse.

Book 2  has a very high standard of artwork with a very 50’s feel in both art and writing.  The stories them self are pretty good on the whole but they never seemed to capture me as much as the first collected edition.  Tom Strong seems to lack any sort of vulnerability which means the stories often lack tension. It can also get a little complicated at times with the stories jumping around through time and dimensions.  The book does have a thread running through it featuring arch villain “Saveen” but it is not as good as the first volume where we had Nazi enemies and a secret love  child.  [ISBN-13: 978-1563898808]. 7/10

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