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[Legends: The Enchanted (Hardcover) – (Nick Percival)
August 24, 2010, 11:05 pm
Filed under: 7 stars, Nick Percival

This book is an alternate Brothers Grimm fairy story set in a malevolent fantasy world inhabited by all manner of monsters and patrolled by heroes such as Jack in the beanstalk and little red riding hood. The heroes (or enchanted as they are known in this book) are part steam punk , part barbarian and nothing like their classic counterparts.  The enchanted have protective charms which allow them to fight the grotesque horrors of the land without fear of dying.  Unfortunately for them an evil witch has found a way to break the charms and all hell breaks loose.

Legends has some absolutely gorgeous artwork (especially in the Bonus features) and adopts a kind of photo realistic dark fantasy and at times almost sci-fi style.  The main characters are very well drawn but it is the monsters that really standout. The troll, the hag and Humpty Dumpty in particular are absolutely grotesque. The backdrops are also incredibly detailed and imaginative with a very dark and sinister palette. Percival’s artwork reminds me a lot of  Clint Langley’s work in Slaine and suffers from some of the same issues. Often the amazing artwork gets in the way of telling a good story and it can be hard to follow.  I personally find that this type of art style may look amazing but it isn’t the best media to tell a story in a comic book and often the pictures dont seem to match the speech bubbles.

Despite the rave reviews this book seems to be getting I found that the plot suffered from too many characters being introduced to the point of almost overwhelming the reader. I also found the book to be a little disjointed  and at times the action was a little hard to follow. Legends is was a good read but one that required some effort from the reader to get the most out of it.  [ISBN-13: 978-1935417071]. 7/10

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