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[Daredevil, Vol. 2 (Hardcover)] – (Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev)
June 30, 2010, 10:30 pm
Filed under: 6 Stars, Alex Maleev, Brian Michael Bendis, Daredevil

The first Marvel Knights Daredevil book was stunning to look at and I was expecting great things for this one. This edition collects Dardevil 26-37, and features Brian Michael Bendis as the writer and Alex Maleev as the artist. I have heard a lot of good things about Bendis’s handling of Daredevil and I wasnt dissapointed in that respect. Alex Maleev’s artwork on the other hand did nothing for me at all. I found it to be dull, dark, grainy and uninspiring and definitely not suited to the deluxe format.  It did spoil my overall enjoyment of the book slightly. Art is a very personal thing and it is not that Maleev’s art is bad it is just that it doesn’t appeal to me.

The story is solid and revolves around infighting in Kingpin’s organization that spills out to hit Murdock really hard. It is filled with good drama, intrigue, shocking moments and a plot that draws you in with more flashbacks than a Tarrantino movie. It is a little light on action at times and a can be a little heavy with all its deep social nuances and tortured souls. It isn’t your usual action superhero book with a far more pedestrian pace but it is a good read.  6/10 [ISBN-13: 978-0785109266]

[Daredevil, Vol. 1 (Hardcover)] – (Kevin Smith, David Mack, Joe Quesada)
June 26, 2010, 12:07 am
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This deluxe hardcover contains Daredevil #1-11, and #13-15, the Guardian Devil (Smith/Quesada) and Parts of a Hole (Mack/Quesada) storylines.  This book is absolutely gorgeous to look at and the artwork jumps off the page in vibrant color.

I have never read any Daredevil before and it wasn’t what I expected.  DD seems is sort of a thinking mans super hero and the stories are pretty text heavy and at times a little ponderous. I think that Kevin Smith did a great Job but that the story dragged on a bit towards the end. It built up to an exciting climax then had a very lengthy epilogue that seemed a little unnecessary.  The David Mack story isn’t quite as shocking as the Kevin Smith Guardian Devil plot and the artwork is a little less impressive but it is still a good read and it keeps its momentum much better.  [ISBN-13: 978-0785124016]. 7/10