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[Preacher Vol. 4: Ancient History] – (Garth Ennis, Steve Pugh, Carlos Ezquerra, Richard Case)
April 7, 2010, 2:46 am
Filed under: 8 Stars, Carlos Ezquerra, Garth Ennis, Preacher, Richard Case, Steve Pugh
This book is a collection of 3 back stories covering some of the characters in the Preacher series. The first story is an absolute classic and it covers the bizarre history of the Saint of Sinners. Although the artwork does vary between artists in this tale the overall effect is very good indeed. Superb! The second tale I enjoyed less and it fills in the back story for Ar*e face. The style and content of this little tale doesn’t really seem to fit in well with the rest of the Preacher series although it is still pretty violent and shocking. Ar*e face himself doesn’t look as grotesque as he did in the earlier Preacher books. The final tale covers the insane Good Old Boys Jody and T.C. in a ultra violent side story. The art work and storytelling are fantastic and these guys really deserve their own book. (ISBN-13: 978-1563894053). 8/10

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